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We offer some fantastic discounts on bulk purchases on CP Bathroom fittings, Armamix and HSH Germany - providing the perfect solution for your bathroom and building, home, office, hotels, institutions.... We have come up with unique health facuet/the famous Shattaf set now in India/Asia which is specially designed for longer life.

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"German Made Quality at AFFORDABLE Price"

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Product Product Product Code
HSH Chrome Health Faucet H 555R C000 0000
HSH White Health Faucet H 556R W000 0000
Armamix Chrome Health Faucet A 555A C000 0000
Armamix White Health Faucet A 556A W000
Armamix Matt Health Faucet A 555S P000
Angle Valve B 1220 A000
Angle Valve with Flange B 122B 1212
Spektra Shower set H 515S 00SD 0000
Spektra Hand Shower set H 515S 00WH NEW0
C.P Kitchen Wall sink tap with S-spout. A 112A AS00 0000
C.P Kitchen Wall sink tap with U-spout. A 112A AU00 0000
C.P Kitchen Wall sink tap with HU-spout. A 112A AHU0 0000
PVC Bottle Trap H 1450 1140 0000
Flexible Drain pipe H 3220 1140 P032
Concealed Bath Diverter A815A F000 0000
Bath Spout A815A 0000 SPOUT
C P Kitchen Sink Mixer -812SF A812S F000 0000
C P Kitchen Sink Mixer-808AF A808A F000 0000
  CP Wash Basin Mixer- 802H FM A802H FM00 1200
CP Wash Basin Mixer- 802A FM A802A FM00 0000
  Wash Basin Pillar Tap- 112B A112B A000 0000
C P Kitchen Single Hole Mixer- 1050AH A1050 AHUC 0130
Shower Arm ( Short) H507B Arm0 0000 Shower Arm ( Short)
Acrylic Shower Head H507E Head spec shower head (Acrylic)
Bath and Shower Mixer A805A 0000 F000
C P stopcock H1140A000 0034
Basket waste for Sinks H252B312000SS
C P Wall Mixer- U Spout H1110AHU0180CP
C P Wall Mixer- HU Spout H1110AHU0130 CP
Shower Head H5070 ( Antical)
CP.Swivel Towel Rail 3 arms H1940 0000 3 arms
CP.Swivel Towel Rail 2 arms H1940 0000 2 arms
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